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Dear Citizen,

As a retired 23-year police veteran, I know too well the frustration felt by law-abiding citizens who are issued tickets for minor traffic violations. Too often, they feel they are pawns of a system that seeks to squeeze them of their money and not just discourage their bad driving habits. Attached find a series done by The Detroit News in the Fall of 2008, which suggests what the real intent of all these increasing traffic violations might be (Click here to read).   To see a story/video by Channel 7 about speed traps  (Click here).

In my mind, the fundamental problem behind this whole issue is the fact that local municipalities are allowed to keep the fines related to the violations they issue. This reality has existed for decades as has the frustrations felt by citizens. This current down economy only serves to exacerbate the situation.

The only way to eliminate temptation municipalities may have in using traffic tickets as a revenue source is to redirect the fines accumulated to a neutral source. This source then could in turn redistribute them with the intent of truly benefiting public safety.

You as citizens have the power to demand that your Legislature correct this problem through legislation which mandates fines be sent to a neutral source not kept by the locality issuing the ticket. These funds then could be redistributed back, in the form of grants to localities who demonstrate traffic safety and high crime needs.

Below find a link to your Legislature, which will allow you to find your local state legislator and write a letter or send an e-mail directly to his or her office. Please feel free to contact them to let your opinion be heard.

Kurt Skarjune (Retired Metro Detroit Police Officer)


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